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Tue Jan 6 17:40:11 MST 2009

I've been using Floola


in Sidux for my IPOD Nano 4th gen. 

It's not open source, though, but it does a decent job of managing my multimedia 
stuff. It will convert files using ffmpeg by just dragging them to the ADD box. 

GTKPod wouldn't work with the 4th gen Nano, Apple changed some of the secret 
stuff. I'm sure GTKPod will catch up. 

But I really like Floola, and it seems to be on a rapid development track. 

Rich Lamoreaux

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From: "Charles R. Kiss" <charles at kissbrothers.com>
> Does anyone know how to convert a .wav to an .m4a and dump it into a 
> iPod Shuffle and listen to it?  Apparently, conversion can be done with 
> ffmpeg, but I dont' know the command and couldn't find it.
> I mount my new iPod Shuffle, and can see all the files.
> On the old iPod Shuffle, I used to be able to cp files directly into it, 
> and they'd play.  Now, with the new one, I guess I can't, for whatever 
> the reason: format, binaries, etc. don't know. 
> Is it hopeless trying to get my iPod to play without iTunes, do I 
> reformat it, somehow?
> I did take a short look at the iPodLinux stuff.
> Thanks
> Charles
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