[Tfug] ffmpeg:iPod Shuffle

Charles R. Kiss charles at kissbrothers.com
Tue Jan 6 12:36:32 MST 2009

Does anyone know how to convert a .wav to an .m4a and dump it into a 
iPod Shuffle and listen to it?  Apparently, conversion can be done with 
ffmpeg, but I dont' know the command and couldn't find it.

I mount my new iPod Shuffle, and can see all the files.

On the old iPod Shuffle, I used to be able to cp files directly into it, 
and they'd play.  Now, with the new one, I guess I can't, for whatever 
the reason: format, binaries, etc. don't know. 

Is it hopeless trying to get my iPod to play without iTunes, do I 
reformat it, somehow?

I did take a short look at the iPodLinux stuff.



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