[Tfug] OT: Tucson frequencies

Bowie J. Poag bpoag at comcast.net
Sun Jan 4 18:07:34 MST 2009

Analog cell traffic, of which you are likely to hear *zero* of anymore, 
used to occur between about 852 and 862 MHz. The last cell carrier that 
supported analog here in town stopped doing so a few years ago.

Unless you're into snooping baby monitors and cordless phones, theres 
not much left out there that's interesting, analog-wise.  There's still 
plenty happening on the WiFi front, however. The tools we used to use 
back when are stone-age compared to whats available now.  They 
practically do all the dirty work for you these days. I remember having 
to make sure my car radio's clock matched the clock on my wardriving rig 
so I could pencil in correct times on my street map of Tucson. Nowadays? 
Noooooo.. Your sniffer has a GPS plugin. Now you can know within 4 feet 
what you picked up, with atomic clock accuracy. Takes all the fun out of 
it. :)


Bexley Hall wrote:
> Hi,
> I was cleaning out the trunk of my car and came
> across my scanner.  I can (obviously) google to
> get a list of relavent frequencies in Tucson...
> but, that won't tell me which (if any in this day
> of cell phones), if any, are the more "interesting"
> ones.
> Anyone happen to listen for this sort of stuff?
> --don
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