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Robert Hunter hunter at tfug.org
Sat Jan 3 13:26:58 MST 2009

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On Sat, Jan 03, 2009 at 09:26:45AM -0700, Angus Scott-Fleming wrote:
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> Just saw this at Compgeeks, this is the first Netbook under $150 (just barely)
> that I've seen.  Anyone know anything about this unit?

No, I don't know anything about that device, but perhaps you would like to hear about an alternative.

I just picked up a Eee PC 901 for just over $400, and I am very happy with it.  I'm currently running a customized Ubuntu distro on it\
, and it is getting plenty of use -- it pretty much follows me everywhere.

It has phenomenal battery life, solid Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and decent video performance.  I watch movies on it while working out, and listen to music, too. In fact, I was going to eventually post a followup to John G.'s thread about ebook readers, given the amount of reading I have been doing with this device.

I got the one with the 20GB SSD because I wanted something that would take some abuse.  The drawback with the SSD is that write performance is abysmal -- It takes better than ten minutes to copy a DVD video to it.

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