[Tfug] Ideas for the ultimate "Grandma Millie" distro...

Jim March 1.jim.march at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 14:28:41 MST 2007

I ran into one machine with an old NVidia "Vanta" 8meg video card.

Dapper flat choked on it, no options, crash on boot.

Fedora Core 6 wouldn't boot X but it did do command line and I was able to
connect to Livna and download a "Legacy NVidia" driver and configure same in
xorg.conf manually.  Got it running just fine, but newbie-friendly it
wasn't.  I assume that FC6 is being built for newer systems as their market
aims at the cutting-edge-hungry geek.

OpenSuse 10.2 included the proper driver and set it up automatically.

It appears to me that to save space, the one-CD Dapper left off that driver
and had no way to cope.  FC6 also left it off despite being a 5-CD set,
while OpenSuse (also 5-CD) included it.

Rather interesting.  I wonder if this would also hit other solo-CD distros?


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