[Tfug] Airport card for Mac G3

Jim learnix at cox.net
Thu Jan 25 16:46:29 MST 2007

Don asks -

Anyone have any experience with ATT DSL?
I was wondering what the satisfaction level was.
Also, their CallVantage service.

Don -

I had ATT CallVantage service for about 2 years. Towards the end I started
losing connection to Cox and suspected it was the VoIP DLink box that ATT
insisted must be between the cable modem and my router. To be fair, I didn't
try troubleshooting it with them as the problem was intermittent and
connection would be restored after a couple of minutes when it happened. I
just went ahead and got a land line through Qwest with unlimited long
distance and sure enough intermittent disconnects stopped. I work at home
and would be assisting my customers when it happened and it just couldn't be
tolerated. I don't know if I would have had any problem getting a
replacement box from them, I didn't even try. Another problem I had that
also factored into why I didn't was that they don't have local service here
in Tucson, or didn't when all this was going on. I was tired of punching in
long distance for local calls. From what I could tell from the folks I work
with that have Vonage, CallVantage is pricier, but the service quality was
not anywhere near as spotty as Vonage.

Hope that helps!


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