[Tfug] qwest high speed internet and linux

George Cohn gwcohn at simplybits.net
Sat Jan 20 18:17:38 MST 2007

Joel Howard wrote:
> We impulsively purchased a month of qwest high speed internet service
> and were assured by 3 sales people that you could use a linux machine
> with their 2-wire modems.  Not so.  There's software on their disks for
> M$ and Mac, but their "manual installation" instructions just lead you
> to a dead end. 
> Are there any linux users out there who use qwest high speed internet? 
> What did you do to interface (now that I'm packing all this stuff up to
> send back to them?).

Not sure what you mean by a 2-wire modem?  Don't they normally provide 
some sort of Actiontec modem\router?

If so, once it is configured from a web browser, it doesn't care what 
you have plugged into the Ethernet ports.

I have a handful of Linux and Windows machines co-existing on my Qwest 
home network.

I'm guessing they provided you with some sort of setup disk? In reality, 
you don't even need that if you have your username and password. 
Everything can be configured from the web browser interface.

Worst case scenario is you have a friend bring a windows laptop over to 
inti tally configure the thing.

Drop me a line off the list and maybe I can help.

George Cohn

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