[Tfug] qwest high speed internet and linux

Joel Howard johord at gainusa.com
Sat Jan 20 16:25:28 MST 2007

Hi friends,
After the recent merger of gainusa and dakotanet, our dial-up service
dropped from v92 to v34.  Send and receive speeds dropped drastically as
well.  It seems we linux users can't make much use of their
"accelerated" contact numbers which are intended for people using M$
software.  The alternate access numbers given to us were just as bad. 
So much for good things coming from mergers.  Who wouldn't try to
"bundle and save"?
We impulsively purchased a month of qwest high speed internet service
and were assured by 3 sales people that you could use a linux machine
with their 2-wire modems.  Not so.  There's software on their disks for
M$ and Mac, but their "manual installation" instructions just lead you
to a dead end. 
Are there any linux users out there who use qwest high speed internet? 
What did you do to interface (now that I'm packing all this stuff up to
send back to them?).
Joel and Linda

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