[Tfug] Asterisk PBX

Cory Jon Hollingsworth cory at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jan 18 12:50:23 MST 2007

I might be interested in a few Sunday afternoon learning sessions.  I
don't need the knowledge for my job, but I'd like the opportunity to play
with the technology.

> George and I have been talking about this a little bit off-list. There
> seems to be enough interest in the subject so I thought I'd throw
> something out to the list.
> How many of you would be interested in meeting on some Sunday afternoons
> to learn/work/play with this? I have access to a conference room with a
> projector, high speed Internet access, a spare box, a couple of Cisco
> and Polycom IP phones and the requisite pizza place nearby. The location
> would be up in the Sabino Canyon area.
> It would sort of be a dry run for the PCC class.
> Harry McGregor wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> A few additional notes.
>> CIS 225 or reasonable working knowledge of Linux would be a
>> prerequisite.
>> I would be teaching more of the Linux install and TCP/IP areas
>> George would be teaching more of the Asterisk and Telephony areas.
>> Suggestions of meeting times would also be nice (please send them via
>> email to George as well).
>> Hardware could be an issue (both quality and availability), but we
>> should be able to leverage IP technologies to escape most of the
>> availability problem (soft phones, SIP and IAX PSTN access accounts).
>> Quality, well if you have taken any of my classes, you know what you are
>> in for (failing hard drives mostly).
>> We may even be able to convince Nick Lopez to give a guest lecture or
>> two on a few areas.
>>                                   Harry
>> George Cohn wrote:
>>> I don't know how many folks on this list are interested in Asterisk,
>>> the
>>> open source PBX.
>>> I've been talking to Harry and Ron Evans at PCC, trying to get them to
>>> offer a class.  The problem with offering any new class is getting
>>> enough people to sign up to make it worthwhile.
>>> The target would be 10-12 confirmed students.  Anyone interested, drop
>>> me a line and I will put together a list and see if we can talk them
>>> into offering it.
>>> In the meantime, I've built at least a half dozen Debian based Asterisk
>>> boxes.  One even had a T1 card in it and was interfaced to a Nortel Opt
>>> 81C PBX via primary rate ISDN over a T1. I was able to provide complete
>>> functionality including conference rooms and an interface to their
>>> wi-fi
>>> network so I could receive all my office calls on my UTStarcom wi-fi
>>> phone anywhere on campus.
>>> I don't work there any more but if anyone is interested in building a
>>> box, I would be happy to help.  If the PCC thing doesn't work out,
>>> maybe
>>> a few people would be interested in meeting somewhere on a couple of
>>> weekends and learning a little about it?
>>> All we need is a box with a small hard drive and can load Debian from a
>>> net install.  I have a spare Digium FXO-FXS card we could use or we
>>> could just use ztdummy and use something like one of the free or cheap
>>> soft phone services like Broadcom to demonstrate interfacing to the
>>> PSTN.
>>> George Cohn
>>> Tucson
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