[Tfug] Meeting Places

Bowie J. Poag bpoag at comcast.net
Thu Jan 18 10:44:25 MST 2007

Let me know if you guys decide to meet in ANY of these locations. I'll 
be there.

(....not to join you guys, but to wait in my car laughing and watch 
while a bunch of nerds lug their computers into a strip club, get thrown 
out, then drive over to a biker bar and lug their computers in there. 
Comedy gold!)

Felix Tilley wrote:
> Didn't there used to be a gentleman's club called JD's or TD's on 
> Speedway?  Is it still there?  We could hold our meetings there, if it 
> still exists.
> There used to be a biker bar on Speedway, called the Bashful Bandit?  Is 
> it still around?
> There is the Heart Attack Grill on Warner RD in Tempe.  Their "nurses" 
> are real nice.  They are so nice that the AZ Attorney-General has sent 
> them a cease and desist  letter.
> Is the Library Tavern still running in Tempe?  When I was a kid, I used 
> to call them up and ask for a copy of The Agony and The Ecstasy.  When 
> they told me it was a tavern, I asked if they had a bottle of The Agony 
> and The Ecstasy.
> I was a rotten kid.
> Felix
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