[Tfug] NEC Motherboard

erich erich1 at copper.net
Tue Jan 9 09:26:09 MST 2007

    I looked for obvious things already, (Pardon the typos if any.
There's a cat on my lap),
such as jumper sockets without jumpers in them, but that seems ok. The
mouse &
keyboard sockets are combined in a little metal enclosure that sticks
above the plane
of the motherboard. I think a keyboard signal requires 2 conductors
while a mouse
requires three. Is this correct?

Adrian wrote:

>On Monday 08 January 2007 20:00, erich wrote:
>>    I have an old NEC Powermate 8100 with a Pentium II motherboard.
>>Today I decided
>>to dust it out. I do this by taking the exaust nozzle from a canister
>>vacuum cleaner. This
>>provides a hi-speed jet of air to blow out  the dust from the
>>    Anyway I plugged it back in & fired it up, and now weird things are
>>happening. The
>>keyboard will work when it's connected to the ps2 mouse port. The mouse
>>work at all. This is bad. The x-server won't come up if doesn't detect
>>mouse input.
>>    Any ideas?
>Two... One, there is a piece of debrie caught under a chip shorting out, or 
>perhaps even inside the connector preventing the pin from contacting.
>The other ugly thing is that you killed the circuit by static discharge from 
>the exhaust... Though I would expect something more than a non-working mouse, 
>like failure to boot at all.
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