[Tfug] light-weight graphical file manager

Eric G eric at nixwizard.net
Tue Jan 9 09:09:21 MST 2007

> On 1/8/07, Earl <earljviolet at juno.com> wrote:
>> I have Debain Etch (testing) on a Sun Ultra 30 with a Creator (not 3d)
>> graphics card. My window manager is FVWM. I have a pager for eyecandy.
>> Firefox is my web browser.
>> I want a light-weight graphic file manager. Has anyone had any
>> experience with Thunar?
>> Earl

Well wow. I've been using KDE since it was in pre-1.0 beta, and  
recently I have given GNOME a shot on my laptop.

Thunar looks like maybe its time to give Xubuntu a try... that looks  
really clean. And I've read really good stuff about XFCE and not using  
the resources (they're getting kinda bloated) that KDE/GNOME use.

Anyways thanks for pointing this out... the one thing that was missing  
from XFCE was a good filemanager like Konq.

Gotta wait till I get back from the sandbox before I give Xubuntu a  
whirl tho :(

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