[Tfug] NEC Motherboard

Adrian choprboy at dakotacom.net
Mon Jan 8 21:23:46 MST 2007

On Monday 08 January 2007 20:00, erich wrote:
>     I have an old NEC Powermate 8100 with a Pentium II motherboard.
> Today I decided
> to dust it out. I do this by taking the exaust nozzle from a canister
> vacuum cleaner. This
> provides a hi-speed jet of air to blow out  the dust from the
> power-supply/motherboard.
>     Anyway I plugged it back in & fired it up, and now weird things are
> happening. The
> keyboard will work when it's connected to the ps2 mouse port. The mouse
> doesn't
> work at all. This is bad. The x-server won't come up if doesn't detect
> mouse input.
>     Any ideas?

Two... One, there is a piece of debrie caught under a chip shorting out, or 
perhaps even inside the connector preventing the pin from contacting.

The other ugly thing is that you killed the circuit by static discharge from 
the exhaust... Though I would expect something more than a non-working mouse, 
like failure to boot at all.


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