[Tfug] My Opera browser has malware

erich erich1 at copper.net
Sat Jan 6 11:43:34 MST 2007

Opera is impressive,
               It's in a tarball that's only ~5Mb in size, (under
Gentoo). In contrast Mozilla/
Mozilla-Firefox are both over 30Mb.

Ranjan Grover wrote:

>>Seems I've been infected with some type of malware which redirects to
>>mediaplex.  I'm using Opera and Kubuntu.  In searching for a removal
>>solution I see numerous avenues available to Win users, none so far for
>>Linux.  One of the reasons for moving to Linux was to avoid crap like this.
>>What do I do?  Thanks.
>Could you perhaps give more details on how you got infected / or why
>you think you are infected? Have you tried just deleting all your
>cookies? I have cookies from mediaplex.com as well and as far as I can
>tell, they don't do anything to affect my experience.
>I'm using Opera 9.1 build 521 and Debian/Sid and am long term Opera
>user.  Even if something was infected, you can probably (as was
>earlier suggested) rename the .opera folder to a different one and
>restart the browser to create a new .opera folder. Honestly, I will be
>quite surprised if the binary executable itself got infected. If it
>did, then it's probably more of a Linux security issue than opera.
>This is of course under the assumption that you are not running every
>application with system-wide or super-user privileges.
>If you do see that that after the new .opera folder, the mediaplex
>stuff is gone, try transferring files from your .opera_old to the new
>.opera folder and see where the problem lies.

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