I really hate to have to say this, but recent unpleasant experiences have mandated its inclusion:

    Copyright 1996 Tom Christiansen.  All Rights Reserved.

This work derives in part from the second edition of Programming Perl. Although destined for release as a man page with the standard Perl distribution, it is not public domain (nor is any of Perl and its docset: publishers beware). It's expected to someday make its way into a revision of the Camel Book. While it is copyright by me with all rights reserved, permission is granted to freely distribute verbatim copies of this document provided that no modifications outside of formatting be made, and that this notice remain intact. You are permitted and encouraged to use its code and derivatives thereof in your own source code for fun or for profit as you see fit. But so help me, if in six months I find some book out there with a hacked-up version of this material in it claiming to be written by someone else, I'll tell all the world that you're a jerk. Furthermore, your lawyer will meet my lawyer (or O'Reilly's) over lunch to arrange for you to receive your just deserts. Count on it.